Our History

String of Pearls is a congregation of over 50 households in the Princeton area whose members have been gathering together since 1992.  From the beginning it has been a proudly diverse and inclusive Jewish congregation, welcoming young and old, singles and families, Jews by birth and by choice, non-Jewish partners in interfaith couples, gay and straight, the spiritually settled and the spiritually restless; in short, all who are willing to commit to the integration of community, worship, study, and acts of loving kindness (gemilut hasadim) and repair of the world (tikkun olam).

Our congregation’s name, String of Pearls, comes from one of the first songs the congregation learned to sing together. The lyrics of the Yiddish song, Schnirele Perele (String of Pearls), imply that those who are unique "pearls" share a sense of hope for the future.  Rav Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine, said, "As the string holds the pearls of the necklace together, so the yearning to commune with G-d unifies and joins all humanity as one.  That yearning is the essence of the soul, which derives from the eternal source of all perfection." 

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