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String of Pearls is a Reconstructionist congregation in Princeton. We are a diverse and inclusive group, and welcome all who are willing to commit to the integration of community, worship, study, acts of loving kindness (gemilut hasadim), and repair of the world (tikkun olam).

Our spiritual leader is Rabbi Marsha Friedman. Click on this link to learn more about her and sample some of her teachings. 

Our Mission

Princeton Reconstructionist Synagogue: a String of Pearls (PRS/SOP) is a participatory Reconstructionist congregation dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive Jewish community. We explore the evolving nature of Jewish life within the framework of Judaism’s enduring values. We affirm the concept of mitzvah as obligation by acting on these values through the practices of torah (learning), avodah ( service), g’milut hasadim (acts of kindness), and community.

As progressive American Jews, we are committed to challenging and being challenged by Jewish traditions for the enrichment of our own lives and for the perpetuation of our bond, and our children’s bond, with our heritage. By engaging with these traditions, we seek to stimulate our intellects, uplift our souls, and help repair the world.

Join Us

We have planned new and exciting events:
  • an adult study series on the philosophies of Heschel, Buber, and Kaplan
  • a series exploring Jewish foods of the Diaspora
  • Hebrew School (it's never too late to register! -- see below)
  • for a complete list of dates for events and services click on our Late Winter through Spring Calendar

We hope to see you!

Part of our Knitting Group's four packages of hats, scarves, and neck cowls sent in December to a charity in Seattle coordinating distribution in Jordan:


Hebrew School

Classes began Monday, October 5, but there is still time to register! Enroll by filling out and returning the 2015-2016 Hebrew School Registration Form and Emergency Contact Form. Click to view the complete list of 2015-2016 Hebrew School Dates. For more information, visit our Hebrew School page and/or contact us.


To join String of Pearls, please complete our 2015-2016 Membership Form. For more information, visit our Membership page. We look forward to having you join us!

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